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New member & new fic! :-)

Hello, folks! Jenn here. Just popping in to say hello and how much I'm loving our favourite threesome. :-) I've been checking up on the site frequently, but wanted to post some fic to end the drout - so here I am, all membered. ;-) (oh, *so* not going there...)

So here is my first fic for you all. I proofread it myself, but I may have missed stuff, so apologies in advance, just in case. Cheers! :-)

(Woohoo! I finally trimmed the post! Thanks to everyone who helped...) :-)

TITLE: Treehouse Issues

AUTHOR: Jenn (aka Goddess Sairana)


PAIRING: Atlantis OT3 – Weir/Sheppard/McKay (Weir/Sheppard, McKay/Sheppard, Weir/McKay, etc.)

DISCLAIMER: Not mine, wish they were. ;-)

SUMMARY: “I want in.” (I think that about sums it up. Enjoy!)

* * *

“I want in.”

Rodney stood in John’s doorway, arms folded, face a defiant yet uncertain mask. John squinted.


“You. Elizabeth. I want in.”

John opened his mouth, closed it, then opened it again.

“Why don’t we start with you coming in here?” and John stepped to the side and gestured into his quarters. Rodney looked in, then looked at him, then unfolded his arms and practically stomped into the room and plopped down on the couch…still defiantly.

The doors slid closed as John moved away from them toward where Rodney sat. He stopped barely a foot away, stood over Rodney, folding his own arms and glaring down, eyebrow raised.

“Don’t!–Don’t…give me the Evil Eye. It’s not fair. It’s all so unfair. I want in, and that’s all there is to it. You both owe me enough.” Rodney folded his arms again.

John couldn’t keep up the Evil Eye after all that. He unfolded his arms, curious and confused, as he sat down beside Rodney.

“What are you talkin’ about, buddy?”

“Look. You don’t have to hide it from me. You and Elizabeth obviously have treehouse issues and there’s a password I don’t know. Well…I want to know it. I want in to your treehouse.”

John actually lost it – he sputtered, laughing. But when Rodney looked horrified and flushed in embarrassment, standing to leave, John stopped and pulled Rodney back down.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Look, sit down, okay? Just explain to me what’s up without all the metaphors.”

Rodney eyed him suspiciously, but settled down, the uncertainty creeping back into his eyes.


“Of me?”

“Of both of you.” Rodney paused, and looked away. “I know about the kiss.”

John bit his lip.

“Oh. That.”

Rodney turned back with a scowl.

“Yeah. That. And don’t downplay it so much. It’s insulting to Elizabeth.”

John studied Rodney closely.

“You like her, don’t you?”

“Of course I like her!” he snapped, then blinked. “Oh. You mean that way.” He looked away again. “Yeah.”

John nodded slowly, looking relieved at figuring it out.

“You think there’s something going on between me and Elizabeth.”

Rodney threw him a jealous, bitter glance.

“Isn’t there?”

“Well…sort of.”

“What does that mean?”

“If you ask me, you’re the one with treehouse issues.”

“Just!–answer the question, okay?”

John sighed.

“There was the kiss, on the balcony.”

“I know. I was there.”


“I just happened to walk by.”

“You were following us, weren’t you?”

“Can we get back to the point?”

John glared at him.

“Fine. There was the kiss. It was the night my big bout of insomnia started – obviously Elizabeth was having the same problem. We had both been roaming the halls, and came across each other on the balcony. We got into a pretty deep discussion…and we kissed. After that, we started meeting on the balcony every night. We couldn’t sleep, we needed the company. And things just…happened.”

“There’ve been more kisses?”

“Kisses, hugs…other stuff.”

Rodney’s jealous look almost got dangerous.

“Other stuff?!”

“My God, Rodney. You really are jealous.”

Rodney bolted up from his seat and began pacing the room.

“I care about her, John. A lot. I haven’t had it this bad since…well, the person is not important.”

“Samantha Carter?”

“Who told you?”

“You did.”

Rodney blinked and stopped pacing.

“Oh. Right. Drunk on tequila.”

John smiled.

“Anyway. But that’s…that’s not all. I’m not only jealous of you with Elizabeth. I’m jealous…of her. With you.”

John squinted, then blinked and stood up, closing the distance between them.

“You’re jealous that she was kissing me?”

“Try to keep up, will you?” The tone was sarcastic, but the expression was extremely uncomfortable.

John smiled again, this time with a sparkle of mischief in his eyes, stepping right up to Rodney until they were nose to nose.

“And you want in.” The smile turned into a full-fledged grin.

“You’re not gonna laugh at me again, are you?”

“Most certainly not.”

And John leaned forward and gently touched his lips to Rodney’s. Rodney’s eyes closed, and a small sigh brushed John’s lips as they kissed. John pulled back to find Rodney staring at him.

“You mean…you don’t have a problem with this?”

“If you think I would, would you have come and asked me?”

Rodney sighed painfully.

“I don’t think I had any choice, John.”

“Boy. You have got it bad.”

Rodney smiled for the first time.


There was a long silence while the two men stood looking at each other. Rodney broke it.

“I should…probably go talk to Elizabeth.”

Rodney turned to leave. John smiled a secret smile behind him.

“Don’t bother, Rodney.” came a female voice.

Rodney turned to see Elizabeth standing just behind and a little to the right of a smiling John, a similar smile on her face. Rodney didn’t know what to do with his face. Elizabeth came out from behind John and closed the distance between them. Her smile turned impish.

“Do you really ‘have it bad’ for me, Rodney?”

“I…wouldn’t put it that way in your presence… But, yeah.”

Elizabeth chuckled softly.

“I love you, too.”

Rodney’s expression turned to “deer-in-headlights”, and he reached out for Elizabeth, touching her cheek and pulling her face to his. As their lips touched, their arms slid around each other, and Rodney sighed deeply once again. John watched them, mesmerized, then moved to join them. He took his place behind Elizabeth, sliding his arms around her and nuzzling her neck.

“Is this ‘in’ enough for you, Rodney?” murmured John. Rodney smiled mischievously against Elizabeth’s lips.

“Not nearly.”

John chuckled from behind Elizabeth, and Elizabeth echoed it with her own smile and murmured against Rodney’s lips:

“Welcome to our treehouse.”

THE END (...for now)

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